Transform the way you manage your meetings using CDA ON BOARD 

A Board Management software to manage your Board of Directors, Executive committee and Top Management meetings.
 It is not a document management software, CDA ON BOARD is the most complete and secure board software for high level meetings management on the Italian market. A tailormade solution for the Corporate Governance.

With CDA ON BOARD you enter one single board portal to do everything: you can create the timetable of your meetings, choose the participants, define the items on your agenda, attach files and other digital documents, invite Board Members via email and Certified Email, and manage the entire event.

CDA ON BOARD is a real paperless solution. Using the secretary software features, there is no need to photocopy Agendas and documents. You can optimize times and costs related to the preparation of each meeting. You can also customize the way each participant has access to attachments: board members can only see documents with their own name and surname and be aware of their confidentiality level thanks to configurable watermarks.


Timetable, Agenda, Documents: everything on your dedicated Web Portal

The CDA ON BOARD portal guides you through a six-step procedure to define the main points of each meeting:

    1. Insert main information, such as name of the company, title of the meeting, date and time.
    2. Select and enter participants (groups or individual persons); if needed, select also how to manage invitations and attendance fees.
    3. Build your agenda with no limitations in terms of points and sub points at many levels and structured in accordance with “points” and “resolutions” and attached documents.
    4. Attach the minutes in draft form (that will be approved during next meeting) and the final minutes (for further consultation). You can also edit the draft directly on the portal by using the advanced pre-complete function and also the speech to text function.
    5. You can manage through the portal the invitations’ sending via email (and Certified email) or/and text message and automatically receive confirmations concerning participants’ attendance, as soon as they click on the link received in the message.
    6. Publish the meeting. You can do it in “draft form” while preparing it, as “preview” if you want the President to check it, and “publish it” to make it visible for everyone, so they can consult documents in advance.

Many companies of a group, many languages, one single solution

CDA ON BOARD is multi-company and multi-language software solution. You can organize meetings for all the companies of your Group by using one single board portal: according to your role, you access with your credentials and update only the parts of your competence. A state-of-the-art secretary portal for all the different types of board governance needs.

The system guarantees information protection for Corporate governance. All data saved in the system is encrypted and is visible only after authentication. All done operations are saved in the system (Audit Trail) and all records can be traced. In case the tablet of one of the Board Members has been stolen, it is possible to delete contained information remotely.

You can consult the same data and documents on whatever PC, by simply using a browser and accessing our Board Portal.

You can attach different types of files. For each PDF document, it is possible to set different watermarks to customize your documents with the name of your company, of the participant and with relevant information such as “confidential” and so on.

You can put monitoring “markers” in the documents to recognize to whom the file has been assigned in case someone decides to take a photo of the documents with an external device (digital camera, smartphone, etc.).

Do you want to see how CDA ON BOARD works?