Transform the way you take part in the meetings with CDA ON BOARD

No more folders full of papers and photocopies: with CDA ON BOARD you have your Agenda, attachments and documents always available on your tablet or notebook and even on your smartphone. Are you a die-hard pen-and-paper fan? No problem, you can take notes directly on your devices in a confidential way and these will not be accessible to third parties.

With CDA ON BOARD you can easily browse the pages as if they were sheets of paper, but with the plus of always accessing secure and updated information. You can underline the main points on each document directly on your tablet, as if it was paper.

CDA ON BOARD - Smartphone

You can use CDA ON BOARD with the dedicated Apps for your iPad or for your Android Tablet. You can also access the agenda or a document on your notebook. You can see the documents you need during the Board of Directors, in your office or at home.

During the meeting, the speaker can synchronize all tablets so you can see at the same time the right point on the document which is being discussed at the moment, without having to look at the screens in your meeting room. A great plus, in particular if you take part in a videoconference. On your iPad you can see exactly what all other people are watching without clicking any button or monitoring any other additional presentation.

Secure information, whenever you want

CDA ON BOARD guarantees the safety for you and for your information.
All data saved in the system is encrypted and is visible only after authentication. In case the tablet of one of the Board Members has been stolen, it is possible to delete contained information remotely.

If you have to go to a meeting, but your tablet is in your office, you can access the same documents and notes on another device or on your notebook.

With CDA ON BOARD you can consult the documents while you are connected, in your company or in your office, but also offline (without internet connection). You can download the documents and consult them while commuting, while waiting for your plane or simply at home.

CDA ON BOARD - Smartphone

A search “engine” for any request concerning the Board of Directors

On the home page of CDA ON BOARD you can find everything you need: your next meeting, the timetable about your next Boards of Directors, last meetings in which you took part and the documents you recently read. Are you looking for something very specific? Digit what you’re looking for and the software makes a Full-text search to find it in any single document, minutes and agendas. You have not to seek help from your email box or phone calls anymore.

To confirm or deny your attendance, it is sufficient to press a button in the email or in the text you received on your phone. The answer arrives automatically to the Administration Department with no need to call or to answer. If you do not use a smartphone, you will get a text message. You can decide how to be contacted by the company.

Do you want to see how CDA ON BOARD works?